Welcome to PAMIS: Pastoral Administration Management Information Systems

PamisPAMIS is a secure cloud-based system that comprises of relational database systems for people and organisations plus processes.

PAMIS is also a secure Intranet for parish and diocesan teams which can be likened to a community coordination and management system; where the community are generally clergy, religious, parishioners and lay volunteers.


PAMIS is the common platform for a suite of system modules as shown here:

 Parish Registry with Pastoral Care

At the heart of PAMIS Parish Registry Pastoral Care module. Standard features include a secure central parishioner registry database overlaid on the parish organization with comprehensive search and reporting capabilities; a document library to hold all parish forms and procedures; and facilities for the parish team such as intranet messaging, and export to spreadsheets and printing ; also system management and back-up. There is information available to support pastoral care including 'today's and forthcoming important anniversaries' , Secure Calendar Module Secure calendars function for organisation and personal calendars - can be exported to iCal compatible calendars - multiple calendar view - Liturgical calendar option.

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 VOLSYS (Volunteer System)

VOLSYS is designed to assist in the process to:

  • Register - a volunteer applicant for initial consideration
  • Recruit - role education, attraction, context, motivation and commitment
  • Support - induction, training***, mentoring, encouragement, empathy, recognition, feedback
  • Retain - offer alternatives, mentoring opportunities (repeat of 'Recruit)
  • Retire - recognition, thanks

The Training Management Module is linked to each role description which automatically registers volunteers for the appropriate general and specialist training courses they need; also there is an alert when a CRB check is required for the role.

A training status 'widget' displays the status of who is due for training, 'trained' and due for repeat training etc.

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Centred on secure management of the process of safeguarding checks and safeguarding related case management. Each parish has access only to their applicants. The Diocesan Finance team can see all processes and so support parishes if needed.

Photo ID Card Module
PAMIS has a module that enables the production of a variety of Celebrets for the clergy and proof if ID cards for diocesan officials and pastoral ministers and workers.

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FINSYS, operating on the common PAMIS platform, is a collaborative, online, cash accounting system. Each parish has access only to their accounts. The Diocesan Finance team can see all accounts and so support parishes if needed. PAMIS - FINSYS Intranet eMail is available to assist with communications between parishes and finance team.

FINSYS is designed to be a simple Cash Accounting System aimed at those who have no formal accounting experience either as a Book Keeper or Accountant. FINSYS is designed around the financial categories and the diocesan annual return. The system has controls in place based on good accounting principles and diocesan finance policy.

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PROPSYS is being introduced to assist parishes to work with their diocesan property / health & safety department to implement a structured and disciplined, process-based approach to provide good governance and a safe environment. Designed to assist staff and volunteers who do not necessarily have property management or health & safety experience, it is based on the diocesan operating procedures. The property management system can support the governance of the diocese's property portfolio including improving the management, execution and monitoring of:


  • Electrical Testing
  • Quinquennials
  • Lease Renewals, etc


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